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Heart of Glass offers a complete hair routine with four products: shampoo, conditioner, treatment and an illuminating thermal-protective fluid.

All of the products in this line are designed to highlight the beauty of blonde hair. Never compromising on our vision of sustainable beauty, the assortment is also produced with energy entirely from renewable sources. All of the products are carbon neutral, and the bottles are made with post-consumer recycled plastic.

You might be used to using a purple shampoo for blonde hair, but both the shampoo and conditioner in this line have a very unique color: indigo blue.

This vibrant hue comes from the natural extract of Jagua fruit which is sustainably grown in Colombia to help maintain biodiversity. The blue from the Jagua extract guarantees a delicate chromatic balancing of the shades and is perfect for all types of blonde hair — this will help cool tone blondes steer away from warm hues, and prevent the warm-toned blondes from becoming even warmer. If you’re noticing dullness after things like sun, chlorine or saltwater exposure, this will help to revive the natural shine, glossiness and vitality of your hair.

And as a bonus: it can be used with every single wash, as there is no risk of chromatic overload.

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Heart of Glass Shampoo, Heart of Glass Conditioner, Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze, Heart of Glass Intense Treatment